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Host George Sirois Discusses Getting Into Voice Acting, Audiobook Narrating, and a Podcast Network
Episode 26426th February 2024 • Excelsior Journeys • George Sirois
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This week, host & producer George Sirois takes the time to answer some questions about getting into voice acting and audiobook narrating, as well as advice on what to do and what not to do when starting a podcast. Also, if you have an idea for a podcast yourself, the Once Upon a Podcast Network wants to know about it. Send your concept - or some samples of your work - to, and you might be the latest addition to the network's roster.

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The Excelsior Journeys podcast exists primarily as a platform for creatives of all kinds (authors, filmmakers, stand-up comics, musicians, voice artists, painters, podcasters, etc) to share their journeys to personal success. It is very important to celebrate those voices as much as possible to not only provide encouragement to up-and-coming talent, but to say thank you to the established men & women for inspiring the current generation of artists.

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