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7 | The Importance of Warm and Direct
4th August 2021 • Unlocking Your People • Jessica Chapman
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One of the most common challenges that leaders face in their organizations is how to give honest developmental feedback to an employee in a constructive and supportive way. Managing performance is a big part of a leader's responsibilities, but so is addressing situations where people are exhibiting behaviors, etc. that are unhelpful.

In this episode of "Unlocking Your People," Jess offers some insights into the importance of giving developmental feedback to your team members, as well as tips for making the task more effective.

You'll discover two ways that leaders sometimes struggle finding balance and fail to provide constructive feedback - the "too soft" approach vs. the "too formal" approach - as well as the consequences of each.

You'll learn how to create a balance between being "warm" and "direct" when having challenging conversations with your team members. 

You'll discover that our brains are wired for bias, and why our built-in "similarity bias" causes us to gravitate to those similar to ourselves.

Join Jess as she helps you find the right balance when giving feedback, and do so in a way that your employees will appreciate and be able to act on constructively.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • The difficulties faced by leaders in giving honest and constructive feedback to their people.
  • How to find the balance between being warm and direct in our communications.
  • Why it often seems easier to give feedback to people who are similar to us thanks to similarity bias.
  • Why investing in relationships with your team members helps to build trust, making it easier to give honest feedback that will be well-received.
  • And so much more…


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