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The Genesis Frequency - Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna 13th November 2020
Preparing You Place – Neville
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Preparing You Place – Neville

We continue into Chapter Nine today, 'Preparing Your Place' from Neville Goddard's classic work, 'The Power of Awareness.'

"Be still and know that you ARE that which you desire to be, and you will never have to search for it." - Neville

Despite what we think we may be doing as we move freely about our physical world throughout our day, we are all actually obeying the law of assumption. All of our experiences come about because of our assumptions and this is happening whether we are consciously or unconsciously participating.

What is ours to do is to deliberately assume the conscious state, psychologically, of the wish fulfilled. Maintaining this state, we will see people, conditions, circumstances and unforeseen events move into our experience that will support our psychological state of our wish fulfilled.

We're doing it anyway. Isn't it about time we do it on purpose and start living the life we would love to live?

Listen in to today's episode for a deeper dive into all this!

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.

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