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Paul Kocina Interview
Episode 13110th October 2016 • The Daily Podcast with Jonathan Doyle • Jonathan Doyle
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FIND PAUL’S INSTAGRAM FEED HERE In this very special interview with Paul Kocina you are about to learn so much. Paul Kocina. Paul is a former US Marine who lost both legs in a tragic accident and experienced some very dark times. Addiction to pain medication and coming to terms with many personal issues and challenges are some of the key things he’s faced. What Paul teaches us is how finding the desire to be a better person for others is one of the ways out of the spiral of blame and closing in on ourselves. He also talks about the power of love, finding the humility to seek forgiveness and owning how our choices and responses can hurt others. He has learned a lot that sadly, many people never learn, and he is another reminder that sometimes it is the pain of loss and adversity that can act as an invitation to a higher level of functioning. So many people run from the hard lessons of life through avoidance. Paul knows this personally as he shares with us how pain medication impacted his life as he wrestled with PTSD and the anger it can often unleash. He also shows us [...]

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