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5 Levels of Relationships
Episode 17319th September 2023 • Business School with Sharran Srivatsaa • Sharran Srivatsaa
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Has there ever been an instance where you spent time with someone and you instantly felt better? Is there someone in your life you can call, and just hearing their voice makes your vibration shift? Have you ever talked to someone who makes you feel like life is easier, and everything would be better? At some point, you must have felt this way when watching someone's video or listening to a podcast. These people have a vibrant energy that makes you feel better. But the opposite is true–some people can drain your energy and make you feel down. 

In this episode, Sharran talks about something that took him 20 years to design and build. He shares the five levels of relationships we can have with different people and why he feels that way with each group. You may or may not agree, but look at it in a way that would make you think about your current relationships and ask yourself if such relationships nourish you. So tune in and see if you identify any of these relationships and learn how to build level-five relationships.

“Business partners are really good for me. I personally am wired for good partnerships because I care about my partners more than I care about myself. I will always show up for my partners.”

- Sharran Srivatsaa


04:31 Level 1: People who always talk about the past and how they affect you

05:41 Level 2: People who talk about people and why we spend time with them

07:19 Level 3: People who talk about ideas and the pros and cons of being with them

09:37 Level 4: People who talk about the execution of ideas and why you would love spending time with them

14:13 Level 5: A relationship where you can freely speak about money and why this can be the highest level of relationship

17:25 The reason Sharran is sharing this with you

24:01 Recap of the five levels of relationships


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