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Malls Are Alive and Well Post-COVID: Profit With One REIT
Episode 907th April 2021 • The Stock Power Podcast • Money & Markets
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I used to hate shopping.

Whether it was shopping for school clothes as a kid or even grocery shopping … I was not a fan.

But as I grew older, I didn’t mind it so much.

Going to the mall or the grocery store became a way to exercise instead of just looking at things to buy.

When I moved from Kansas to North Carolina, I found the advantage of shopping outside.

I enjoyed farmers markets, sidewalk browsing and even outdoor malls.

The warmer climate in the South turned shopping from an unbearable exercise to something I really didn’t mind so much.

That leads into my stock selection for today’s episode of The Bull & The Bear podcast.

It’s a stock that rates a 70 overall on Adam O’Dell’s six-factor Green Zone Ratings system — meaning we are “Bullish” on the stock.

Listen to find out what it is.

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