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Constance Miller- "When the World Changes, Our Questions Change"
Episode 312th March 2021 • Accelerant • Daxko
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Any conversation with Constance Miller involves the masterful weaving of beautiful metaphor, engaging storytelling, and impactful data. Constance’s rare mix of poetic intuition and research experience makes her uniquely qualified to share important insight about the role nonprofits have on their communities around the country. You have heard bits of this in the QuantCorner from previous episodes, but in this episode we focus in in the incredible depth of Constance’s knowledge. 

Episode 3, “When the World Changes, Our Questions Change” features Constance’s thoughts on:

·      Stabilizing Trends. A year ago when the pandemic began, data and insights shifted hourly or daily. Now, the industry is seeing more stability, giving hope for continued healing in organizations and communities as we move forward.  

·       Pivoting on a Dime. Even with data constantly shifting early in the pandemic, one constant was the ability for nonprofit organizations to meet the ever-changing needs of their communities. This was reflected in rising donations, emergency childcare for essential workers, outreach to seniors, virtual check-ins, and so much more.

·      Data or Insight? Learn the important distinction between data and insight. Together, these numbers—and  the stories they tell—enrich  the impact of nonprofits and provide proof points on what communities need.
 This interview was recorded March 4, 2021.





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