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Episode 4: Rebecca Womersley, CIO at Lloyd's of London
Episode 45th September 2022 • Behind the Desk... with Mark Thomas • Mark Thomas
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In the fourth episode of Behind the Desk with Mark Thomas, I'm joined by Lloyd's of London Chief Information and Change Officer, Rebecca Womersley. This episode is a re-release from season one of my podcast, and for good reason.  

Rebecca has an impressive 20-year career history that started in telecoms and has evolved into leading tech and change at one of the most iconic and rapidly evolving organisations in the UK insurance sector.  

In this episode, we talk about Rebecca's journey in project and change management, and getting into the insurance sector, onboarding at Lloyd's completely remotely, working in the US, her views on female diversity in insurance and much much more. 

Let's get behind the desk with Rebecca Womersley.

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