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The Church Series Season 3: Part 1: Is there too much pride in our churches?
28th May 2022 • Bible Theory Podcast • The Chicano Knox
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Welcome to Bibletheory Podcast!!

Where we study the doctrine of the church and take it to the streets!! Welcome to the first episode of season three!! I will review some bible verses concerning knowledge and pride in this episode and apply them to the local church. I am going to ask some very basic questions, Are some believers too puffed up with pride that they are no good to the church? Are our Pastors, Professors, and sometimes Keynote speakers too prideful? This is what I hear on the streets when I preach and do evangelism, the outcry is-  “the church is too prideful?” In this episode, I review this outcry and review some key Scriptures about the topic, so sit back and enjoy. 

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