Bucket Days to Wealth & Financial Freedom with Andre Albritton
Episode 16726th September 2022 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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To be able to build wealth, you need to begin with a holistic approach to financial planning that is simple enough so you’ll stick with it through up and down times.

In this episode, Andre Albritton of The Millennials Next Door will share the Bucket Days Approach to building wealth. People, especially millennials, are intimidated by financial planning and budgeting. Andre makes this less intimidating by breaking down the process of financial planning and budgeting into 3 Buckets. This method will help you focus on what you can do in each season to build wealth - setting financial goals, developing a plan, retiring rich, and building generational wealth.

Andre is a nationally recognized personal finance expert dedicated to helping millennials reach financial freedom. He is redefining wealth and is inspiring others to reach financial freedom on their terms. His work has been featured on Blavity, HBCU Wall Street, His & Her Money and much more.

Learn these simple principles to help you reach your financial goals! Tune in now!



>> Millennials Next Door

>> Bucket Days Approach

>> Emotional cycle in spending money

>> Yesterday is expenditures mistake

>> Today is establishing a spending plan

>> Tomorrow is retirement planning

>> Why real estate is important for tomorrow’s plan

>>  Andre’s fact: Mindset has more impact in wealth building

Connect with Andre:

>> LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/andrealbritton

>> Website: tmndfinance.com

>> Instagram: @themillennialsnextdoor

>> Instagram: @andre3000n1

>> Twitter: @Millennials_N_D

>> Tiktok: @andre3000n1

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