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Tony Phillips
Episode 414th January 2022 • Moe Podventures • MOE Foundation
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Tony Phillips




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Episode Summary:

In another unorchestrated and enlightening episode of MOE Podventures we talk to MOE Magician, Master Trainer and Growth & Positive Impact Director - Tony Phillips.

Speaking with the utmost eloquence and clarity, Tony in episode 4 initially shares with us his background of being born into a forces family in the North of England, then moving to an overseas military base at an early age before settling in Kent with his family at age seven to continue his childhood.

During this episode of Podventures, Canada is a theme throughout as Tony is a dual citizen of Canada and the UK – spending many years there, including working at a funfair. You can hear the fondness of the memories of this time through the airwaves.

Drawing parallels with his own life’s journey, host Darren Robson delves into Tony’s career story – how he entered into the world of IT (when computers were still lifted into position by cranes!) although his heart was never truly in it. Returning to the UK and his career developing further, we hear how Tony’s true strengths were uncovered – that of relationship and rapport building, the art of human connection. On his return, Tony shares with us how he embarked on a personal development path that led to him discovering coaching. This new found knowledge begged the question for Tony, why had he not learned coaching and communication at school? Important skills that could be used daily, and skills he has used every day since the discovery.

A passion for coaching combined with his passion of running, takes us to the next section of the story. Tony explains how the same year he graduated as a coach he also ran the New York marathon – some 15 years after his first in London - revitalising his love of the sport. This second marathon, now with the mindset of a coach, was a much more enjoyable experience. This marathon was slightly slower but significantly more satisfying, leading to the impromptu and improbable idea of coaching while marathon running. It was this ‘mad crazy’ idea which led to Tony meeting MOE Founder and ‘co-conspirator’ Darren – this meeting would lead Tony further along his development path into becoming part of MOE, and also supporting SPARK Inside and the Young Women’s Trust. Tony then began writing a coaching column, he confesses was disguised as a running column, in a recognised fitness publication. During this period, he also set upon his M.A.D experiment (to personally run a mile a day indefinitely) while also encouraging others to join him and discover the magical quality of getting outside in nature and moving forward.

This episode of Podventures will encourage you to reflect upon your own life’s journey and personal development path and uncovers how by helping others you can also help yourself. It touches on how you can find your voice through embracing your true calling and passion and how to continue to move forward to discover your own magnificent self, while also championing others to move beyond their own struggles to see how fantastic they truly are. A key takeaway from episode 4 will be the impact of doing something on a daily basis (however small) to enable us to reach our potential.

We are sure to follow up with Tony in a Part 2 as we know he has much more to share with us all from his lifelong knowledge quest and own learning journey.