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On the Brighter Side - On the Brighter Side 10th September 2018
Ep 33 – Interview with Lisa Welsh
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Ep 33 – Interview with Lisa Welsh

Today, I’m chatting with my new friend from the other side of the globe. Lisa Welsh is a boundary setting expert from South Africa. I’m not sure how I found her Instagram account originally, but I have loved following along as she teaches women how and why they must learn to say no, setting healthy boundaries and how to avoid the comparison trap. She’s real and down to earth and you are going to love her British, South African accent!

In our interview, she opens up about how her account started, some of her biggest challenges and how she deals with any negativity that may come from sharing her most vulnerable self online. I know you are going to love her as much as I do.

To hear more of her great wisdom, her website is: www.itslisawelsch.com. Or you can find her hanging out on Instagram or twitter @itslisawelsh.