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Chapter 162. Let’s hear it for Gordon….
Episode 16212th June 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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There’s more than an end of term whiff to the this weeks instalment, and if you give me a moment I will explain.

Firstly we begin by tidying up all the outstanding bits from #162, namely the curious incident around the diary reading, the unasked questions that were answered, and then the unasked questions that weren’t.

And secondly, after a number of false starts, we actually manage to get a bit of chat going about F.E.A.R. Of course proper dialogue about that particular album means I tend to get a little ranty - but I think it will only be obvious to those of you who know me. (Ha ha ha...)

What I really mean is..

Get angry and demand more, because we all deserve better.


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