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18. How to Stop Outsourcing Your Power and Take Action on Your Dreams - Manifesting Pep Talk with Fox
Episode 185th June 2023 • Mindspo • Rochelle Fox | Mindset, Meditation & Manifestation Teacher
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Are you seeking validation from others to pursue your dreams? Join Rochelle on this episode of the Mindspo Podcast for a short yet powerful pep talk on self-validation and trusting your own intuition.

If you've been waiting for someone else's permission to pursue your passions, it's time to break free from that pattern. In this episode, Rochelle shares her personal experiences and insights that will inspire you to stop seeking external validation and start embracing your inner authority. Your dreams are yours alone, and you don't need anyone else's approval to go after them. Tune in now and give yourself the permission you've been waiting for.

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