164 | Living Through Adventure With Heidi Dusek
Episode 16423rd May 2022 • The Military Veteran Dad Podcast • Ben Killoy
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Have you ever felt like you were living the wrong plan?

Today I am talking with Heidi Dusek who felt that same way in her early 20s and decided to do something about it.

She flipped the script on her life, starting living according to a new plan of her own design. Adventure was a keyword she decided to weave into her life as she rebuilt her life from the ground up.

Heidi is here to tell us about living as a family through adventure. As Military Dads we are trained to create an adventure, but often don't have the ideas to transition that skill into fatherhood. 

Well, today we take care of that with a guide beyond normal.

Book: Beyond Normal on Amazon

Ordinary Sherpa Podcast

Topics Covered:

  • Living someone else plan
  • Perceptions of Success
  • Ping Pong Effect of life
  • Where do you find the money for adventure
  • How to make decisions when you have a lot of options

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