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Compelling Video Content for Learning
Episode 11911th May 2022 • The Visual Lounge • TechSmith Corporation
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When it comes to creating learning video content, the key to success is in how engaging it is. A video can have all the right information and be clear and comprehensive, but unless it’s compelling, it can fall flat with the viewer.

A compelling video keeps viewers engaged, and that means any message you want to convey is much more likely to stick.

But what’s the secret to creating compelling instructional videos?

Mark Lassoff, Video Instructor and Founder of Tech Learning Network, is on The Visual Lounge to share some words of wisdom on his process and advice for others. Mark breaks down the three must-have elements of any video and explains why talent and expensive cameras are overrated.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • 0:00 – 2:07 Intro
  • 2:08 – 4:46 Why Mark prefers a media-first approach
  • 4:46 – 6:25 How Mark first got started in media production
  • 6:25 – 8:09 Why having a team of media and educational specialists is best for learning content
  • 8:09 – 11:38 The three secrets to compelling content
  • 11:38 – 13:17 Questions to ask to help you decide on the right format
  • 13:17 – 18:58 Why video production is about skill more than equipment
  • 18:58 – 21:48 The biggest mistakes when making learning content
  • 21:48 – 30:17 Mark’s process for making videos
  • 30:17 – 38:01 How to bring narrative into your content
  • 38:02 – 41:27 What people can expect from Tech Learning Network
  • 41:27 – 43:24 Mark’s tips for newbie video creators
  • 43:24 – 48:54 Mark’s speed round questions
  • 48:54 – 50:41 Outro

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