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Episode Two – John Keats - Bright Star
Episode 21st May 2020 • The Thunder Mutters • Becky Dellow/Adam Horovitz
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In Episode Two of The Thunder Mutters Adam and Becky present a selection of John Keats’ poetry, interwoven with tunes from 18th and 19th century fiddlers' manuscripts.

The performance of the poems and tunes is presented as a seamless flow, from music to poetry and back, so the titles of poems and tunes, and the histories of the tunes, are given beforehand. We have also listed them in the text below, along with Becky’s sources, for your ease and listening comfort.

Tune: Morning Star / Butchers of Bristol

Poem: The Human Seasons

Tune: Camberwell

Poem: La Belle Dame Sans Merci: A Ballad

Tune: Poor Soldier

Poem: Modern Love

Tune: Maid of the Mill

Poem: Ode on a Grecian Urn

Tune: The Rising Sun

Poem: To Sleep

Tune: The Good Old Way

Poem: Bright Star

Tune: Childgrove (Such a Wife as Willy Had)

The Thunder Mutters’ theme tune is: Gardengate


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