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What most of us have WRONG about MASCULINITY & THE HEALING JOURNEY | Nathan Kohlerman EP #39
Episode 391st May 2023 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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Nathan Kohlerman is a Devoted Father, Spiritual Counselor, Masculine Embodiment Mentor, Ordained Minister, and Founder of The NeuIntention® Method™ - a connective, holistic, and multidimensional approach that serves as a framework for embodied leaders to unlock the wisdom from within and empowers those who integrate the system into their daily lives with the ability to align the Soma, Psyche, and Spirit.

I was first introduced to Nathan when I stumbled upon a video of him expressing DEEP rage followed by an equally DEEP expression of grief that occurred when he was in a ceremonial space with Kambo.

I felt my heartstrings tugged. It was like a deep part of me remembered that it was not only okay but necessary, for our well-being to allow our emotions to flow through us in a healthy way, versus repressing and suppressing them, as they were designed.

I have a deep reverence for this human and by far this was one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE podcasts to date.

In this podcast, we DOVE DEEP into:

  • One powerful tool we can all access to get out of our heads and into our bodies
  • What the essence of the masculine & feminine energies are
  • How to balance RADICAL OWNERSHIP & COMPASSION when working on transforming patterns that no longer serve us
  • A potentially unpopular viewpoint on Sacred Rage & “Toxic Masculinity”

If you are ready for a RADICALLY honest and vulnerable conversation that is likely to have some deeper part of you dance with joy in resonance and remembrance…BUCKLE UP…time to have some fun.

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