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How to Become a High-Value Husband with David Frey – Part One
Episode 945th July 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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There is ONE underlying human trait that we are ALL born with, and it underlies every single divorce. There are various studies and evidence that list the reasons why people have problems or issues in their relationships, but this ONE trait is behind them ALL. And this week’s guest joins Mark to share what that is, and how to see if it is showing up in YOUR relationship.

David Frey has been marketing for 22 years, but after the discovery of a genetic disease in 2013, he realized that he has a FINITE amount of time left on this planet and he wants to spend it doing something worthwhile. He transitioned to become a marriage coach and he now helps people in what he believes is the most important thing in their lives: their MARRIAGES and relationships. He has dedicated the rest of his life to helping men improve their marriages and joins Mark on the show this week to show you how to STOP wrecking your marriage and START becoming a high-value husband.

“As men, we judge what one person does as worse than what we do. We hit the ‘she’ button instead of the ‘me’ button.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- David shares what he believes is the CORE reason or source of ALL marriage problems and divorce

- Egotism and pride are manifested in ONE word. Find out what it is…

- Mark shares how what he learned from David is the genesis of all the marketing he currently does

- Wondering how to spot a narcissist? Here are some common traits…

- Find out why getting a divorce was the BEST thing that ever happened to Mark

- Hear some questions to ask yourself to see if YOU are wrecking your marriage

- David shares what he sees as pride and how it manifests in relationships

- There are TWO things you can do with tragedy. Here’s what they are…

- Learn what boomerang blaming is and how to tell if you are doing it

And much more…

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