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Fragmented Marketing: How It’s Hurting Your Brand and Wasting Your Money [E078]
Episode 7813th December 2023 • The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast • LSTN Media LLC
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In this episode of the Auto Repair Marketing Podcast, hosts Brian and Kim Walker discuss the negative impacts of fragmented marketing on a brand. They stress the importance of a cohesive marketing strategy, consistent branding, and the role of a brand style guide. They share their experiences and the lessons they've learned in marketing their auto repair shop. The hosts also discuss the changing landscape of marketing, the importance of planning, and the role of a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). 

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Show Notes with Timestamps

  • Fragmented Marketing (00:00:56) Discussion on the concept of fragmented marketing and its negative impact on brand consistency and effectiveness.
  • Defragging Your Marketing (00:03:29) Drawing parallels between fragmented marketing and the process of defragmenting a computer, emphasizing the need for aligning various marketing efforts.
  • The Consequences of Fragmented Marketing (00:06:11) Exploring the confusion and lack of coherence that fragmented marketing creates for the audience, leading to a less effective marketing strategy.
  • The Marketing Rule of Seven (00:08:06) Discussion on the outdated concept of the marketing rule of seven and the increase in the number of ads people see per day.
  • The Importance of Cohesive Marketing (00:12:09) The significance of having consistent branding across different advertising platforms and the wasted effort if the message is not cohesive.
  • The Need for a Marketing Plan (00:12:55) Emphasis on the importance of having a well-thought-out marketing plan to avoid marketing failures.
  • The planning process (00:13:05) Discussion about the in-person planning session for marketing for the next year and the extra class in the Facebook group teaching how to create an annual marketing plan.
  • Creating a marketing plan (00:14:05) Explanation of the guide to creating a real-world marketing plan and the steps involved in creating a practical marketing plan.
  • Simplifying marketing efforts (00:17:10) Advice on simplifying marketing efforts and focusing on a few key platforms or strategies to ensure cohesiveness and effectiveness.
  • The importance of a brand style guide (00:19:48) Discusses the significance of having a brand style guide to ensure consistency and cohesion in marketing materials.
  • Having one person in charge of marketing (00:20:46) Emphasizes the need for one person to be responsible for overseeing the company's marketing efforts.
  • Working with a minimum number of outside companies (00:23:41) Advises limiting the number of external companies involved in marketing to maintain simplicity and avoid confusion.
  • The Chief Marketing Officer (00:26:17) Discussion about the role of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in an organization, whether they are fractional or full-time, and their responsibilities in guiding and directing marketing efforts.
  • Overseeing Marketing Cohesiveness (00:27:03) Mention of two companies, Overdrive and Turnkey, that provide services to oversee and ensure cohesiveness in marketing efforts. Importance of having a plan and someone guiding and directing marketing for successful outcomes.
  • Joining the Auto Repair Marketing Mastermind (00:28:19) Invitation to join the Auto Repair Marketing Mastermind Facebook group, with over a thousand members, to share ideas, questions, and tips about marketing in auto repair shops.

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