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Clucking Revolution: How Pet Chickens are Changing the Game in the Pet Industry ft Sean Warner, Grubbly Farms
Episode 2320th December 2023 • The Pet Industry Podcast • BSM Partners
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Pet Industry Podcast: The Rise of Chickens as Pets | Featuring Sean Warner of Grubbly Farms

Step aside puppies; we have poultry as pets! In this episode of the Pet Industry Podcast, hosts Dr. Megan Sprinkle and Dr. Mary Cope welcome Sean Warner, co-founder, and CEO of Grubbly Farms, a company focusing on creating premium products for poultry. Sean shares insights on the increasing popularity of chickens as pets, discusses the challenges and opportunities within the poultry pet industry, and explains how Grubbly Farms sources its insect protein and formulates its chicken feed.

They also cover the topic of balancing sustainability concerns with providing nutrition and health benefits for pet birds. If you're interested in the pet industry, sustainable farming or backyard poultry, then this episode is a must-watch.

For more information on pet chickens and how it's impacting the pet industry read our website article.

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction to the Pet Industry Podcast

00:15 The Rise of Poultry in the Pet Industry

00:39 Interview with Sean Warner, CEO of Grubbly Farms

01:21 Sean's Journey into the Poultry Industry

03:09 The Role of Insects in Poultry Nutrition

04:34 The Sustainability Aspect of Insect Protein

08:53 Understanding the Challenges of Backyard Poultry

09:02 The Legalities and Practicalities of Keeping Chickens

13:14 The Importance of Proper Nutrition for Poultry

14:09 The Future of Poultry Nutrition

40:27 The Impact of Poultry Ownership on Other Pet Choices

47:47 Closing Remarks and Podcast Outro

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