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"The Last of the Great Masters": Zig Kanstul Remembered by Biographer R. Dale Olson. [Podcast Archive]
19th September 2022 • Trumpet Dynamics • James Newcomb
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Opening with one of my favorite poems of all time, The Cremation of Sam McGee, this episode is devoted to the relentless pursuit of excellence, even when especially when the going gets tough.

This is a replay from 2016 of my interview with R. Dale Olson, biographer of the late, great Zig Kanstul, founder of the Kanstul musical instrument company. (Kanstul has since been bought out by Michael Corrigan's company, The Horn Doctors, listen to my chat with Michael on the podcast here.)

What you'll hear in this episode:

-The Cremation of Sam McGee, recited by James Newcomb...00:07

-2016 interview with R. Dale Olson, in remembrance of Zig Kanstul...10:12

Resources mentioned:

Zig Kanstul: Last of the Great Masters, by R. Dale Olson

Trumpet Dynamics interview with Michael Corrigan of The Horn Doctors