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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 2, 27th May 2020
Defining your audience
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Defining your audience

On this PodOn episode, TJ and Julian chat about a topic that may be overlooked by the majority of new podcasters: defining their audience. Defining an audience is as important as having great content, in the end, what matters is who’s actually listening to what you’re putting out there. Tailoring your episodes around your audience will not only improve your workflow in the production phase but will impact your whole podcast in a positive way in the long term. Check out today’s episode to learn from TJ and Julian’s experience as settled podcasters.

Jump straight into:

(01:12) - How to ensure each episode is going to be built for your audience - “I could help singles and couples with the pain point that they are going through when starting or growing a relationship”.

(01:47) - What ‘defining your audience’ really is - “Hone in on your topic and add value to a particular group of people and they want to learn more”.

(02:25) - How Pod On podcast defined their audience. “They are curious because they want to learn more and perfect their craft of podcasting, and they’re scrappy because they started in their bedroom and want to improve the quality of their episode”.

(04:16) - Reach for quality over quantity - “Often times brands are looking for nano influencers who have engagement rates versus someone who has a huge audience”.

(05:17) - Make sure you are listening to your audience - “Learn who these people are and what types of content they are engaging with”.

(06:15) - Analytics as additional tools to narrow down your niche - “You can start to use those resources to help you identify your audience even further.”

(06:51) - Target your corporate employees if you are interested in doing a podcast of a company - “Think more from the employee perspective versus an executive perspective.”

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