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What can you expect from the Thriving Holistic Practitioner Podcast AND Meet Your Host Lindsay Sutherland.
Episode 18th April 2024 • Thriving Holistic Practitioner • Lindsay Sutherland
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Welcome to Thriving Holistic Practitioner! This podcast is dedicated to holistic practitioners seeking sustainable growth and peace of mind. If you're ready to scale your practice while eradicating burnout and confusion, join us on a journey to holistic success. Led by Lindsay Sutherland, our expert insights and community support will empower you to thrive in your practice.

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Meet Lindsay Sutherland, a dynamic business and marketing consultant deeply passionate about holistic modalities. With a career rooted in strategic business guidance, Lindsay's journey took a unique turn towards holistic practice. Combining her love for business with her fascination for holistic modalities, Lindsay consults with practitioners, offering a holistic approach to business growth. Her signature program, Pathway to Thrive Mastermind, embodies this ethos, empowering practitioners to scale sustainably while finding peace of mind. Learn more about Lindsay and her transformative program at

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Explore the Thriving Holistic Practitioner Community for free weekly business trainings with live Q&A. Plus, a special bonus to the first 25 members - A free Profit Acceleration Audit where in one hour I will show you how you can increase your yearly profit by $40k or more. This is valued at $500 because it includes a detailed PDF that outlines the strategies we discuss so you can take immediate action.


What to expect from Thriving Holistic Practitioner Podcast & Meet Your Host



In today's episode, episode one, I'm going to share with you why I felt called to launch this podcast, what you can expect moving forward. And a little bit about myself. So just for starters, I'm a business consultant, and while I was launching my consulting business, I started working with all kinds of businesses, e commerce businesses, real estate businesses, holistic wellness businesses, medical industry, network marketing, you name it, I worked with a vast array of people.

And that's after 20 years of working in sales and marketing. So all to say that I started to see a trend specifically around the holistic wellness, um, space, I guess you could say, and maybe this will sound familiar because basically what I noticed, first of all, 80 percent of my clients were in the health and fitness or wellness space.

to me. I thought interesting [:

healing. There's a difference. Yeah. So you found a modality that like gave you the ability to truly heal and recover from the situation you were going through. And that's when it hit you, you are passionate about this and you want to help other people. That's the story of so many holistic practitioners.

s walked. So listen. While I [:

And then I saw that, okay, these people, they're on a heart centered mission. They want to make an impact and they get so focused into the, the certification and the training and nerding out on the science behind it. Because look, I'm right there with you. I love it. That's like truly another big reason why I have created this podcast.

And I'll get into that in just a minute. But what I found is that as they were going on their journey of building their business, it was almost like the business side of the business was an afterthought, I guess you could say. It was kind of like they didn't realize that there would be sales involved and marketing and developing products.

and overwhelmed and, um, in [:

And then the next step is, Oh my gosh, now I have so many clients. I'm so good at what I do that I have people referring people to me right and left, and I'm overwhelmed. And now then the question becomes, is this business sustainable? Is it robbing me of my health and my wellness just to make a difference in other people?

moto's hypothyroidism back in:

son was born. So it'd be like:

What are the side effects? Like there was no conversation. And of course he may like looked at me with that look that made me feel stupid for asking. And I thought, no, no, thank you. I am not going to just take a pill for the rest of my life. So I ended up finding a naturopath. She was amazing. I loved her.

My favorite doctor of all time. I'll shout out to Dr. Mitchell in, in surprise, Arizona. Um, anyway, she really helped me. Believe, first of all, that was my first shift that I could heal myself. And then that just led on to a entourage of learning about hypothyroidism, listening to my body, um, following the guidance that she was giving me, learning how to eat differently, how to live differently, and mostly guided by my, my body.

w, there came a time where I [:

And I never looked back and I've been healthy ever since. Here's the thing. That experience, just like many of you, launched me into loving to learn about so many different things. I love about herbology. One of my very favorite pastimes, I live here in North Idaho, is to, um, just walk around and learn about the plants in my backyard.

ings. are right up my alley. [:

And so I thought, okay, what better way than to really use my skills to make an impact By making an impact in people's lives, right? Like your life, for example. So if I can share wisdom and information to help you grow, then that's furthering that mission. Now there's another really important piece to this that I like to share.

And that's this, you know, when I quit my W 2 job to start my business all about, you know, on my own, um, I was homeschooling my kids and I was. Doing, it was a crazy time. It was around COVID, but I will say that, um, I got onto this bunny trail about online business. And I was really interested in intrigued by passive income.

I launched another podcast. [:

I have talked to some pretty cool people and I do my own research. So this was another little passion, I guess you could say that I nerded out on. Meanwhile, um, who knew all this was going to come full circle for me to be able to sit here in this chair today and launch this podcast and really bring all my gifts to the table.

trail, I realized there was [:

For me, I felt like I had a bigger purpose and it took me a few years to figure it out. But my purpose comes in building relationships. And one of my very, very favorite things. Actually, I just got this message. I need to share my biggest purpose in life is to make a difference in people's lives deeply.

You know, there's two kinds of influencers. You could say in the world, we're all an influencer, I believe, but you have influencers who have like this wide net, right? They have, Mega super fans and or maybe they're like a big name and people go and they motivate like Tony Robbins and Mel Robbins and you know, Brendan Burchard.

eep influencer. I want to go [:

Like, that's the kind of impact I look to make in people's lives. So with that being said, I just had this epiphany that all of these gifts that I've been blessed to receive are here for a reason. And one of my very favorite things about working with holistic practitioners is you are also a very mission driven heart centered person who is interested in impacting lives the way that I am.

ein that I was in, which was [:

It was very transactional, you know, get this method, sell this, build this funnel, sell that. And not to say that, like I said, not to say that there's anything wrong with that in general. I don't think that's the case, but I just also don't think that the majority of holistic practitioners. I don't have the heart for that.

I know I didn't. To me, it felt very empty. It felt very, I don't know, um, like not enough. Like I was here to do more than just make money. You know what I mean? And so that's really essentially why I put my program together, and that is why this is the place for you if you are looking for Take tangible strategies you can implement in your business that are ethical and sustainable, because that is the heart of this mission.



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