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Unveiling Stem Cells' Power: The Impact of Patches on Brain Function and Heart Health -40
Episode 405th March 2024 • The Heart Chamber • Boots Knighton
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Welcome to a compelling episode of The Heart Chamber Podcast, where host Boots Knighton and guest Darlene Greene shed light on a breakthrough in health technology - LifeWave patches. Discover the potential of these patches to elevate the body's natural healing abilities, enhance brain function, and even offer respite for conditions like Alzheimer's. Gain insight into the impact of these innovative patches, revealing a glimmer of hope for those grappling with chronic health issues. Darlene's firsthand account of witnessing her husband's remarkable progress after integrating these patches into their wellness journey is nothing short of inspiring. Whether you're seeking solutions for neurological decline, heart health, or simply looking to optimize your well-being, this episode offers a window into the promising world of health patches.

If you are looking for something specific - here's where you'll find it:

07:58 Lifewave products use stem cells for wellness without claiming to cure diseases.

12:10 Extensive research, testimonials, and FDA restrictions on stem cell claims. Patches led to reduced napping.

16:26 Darlene cares for her spouse with Alzheimer's, feeling hopeless and in pain.

19:22 Promoting gratitude for improving mental health and reducing medication dependency.

20:24 Addict gets clean, dies from medication mix-up, spouse on mission for alternative treatment, personal experience with skin issues.

26:16 GHKCU reduces aging effects, and increases stem cells.

27:15 GHKCU has potential health benefits for heart, brain, and cancer treatment through its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and gene-altering properties, without harming healthy cells.

36:14 IV and patch raise glutathione levels effectively and safely, with no contraindications or drug interactions.

37:07 Careful use of immune-boosting patches for organ transplant patients.

40:35 Peptide activates stem cells in heart, brain, and muscles, improving cardiovascular system and bone density.

43:38 Summary: A company offers patches for exercise performance and energy enhancement, with global distribution. Created by David Smith, they don't require a prescription and can be worn for 12 hours.

48:19 Offering special arrangement with Dr. Southwick for health concerns about the patches.

A Little More About Today's Guest

Darlene Greene is focused on helping people optimize their health, get to the root causes of issues that are causing illness, and get out of pain without drugs or pharmaceuticals. She wants to share the affordable photobiomodulation technology that she wishes she had known about four years ago when her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's because, after a four-year steep decline, he experienced dramatic improvement in his memory, energy, engagement, sleep, and task capabilities in his first week! He continued to regain skills like whistling and the ability to smell (which he lost 15 years ago). Darlene had a varied and unique background in the Navy and the technology industry. She is passionate about helping others improve their emotional and physical health!

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