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144: Honouring women making waves with Aoife O'Brien
24th February 2023 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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With International Women's Day fast approaching, today's episode honours and celebrates women at work and empowering women in the workplace. In this solo special, tune in to hear valuable insights that have been shared from three female experts who are making waves in their industries, Paula Sheridan, Niamh Hannan and Carla Miller. Learn how to stop being overlooked and underappreciated, take radical responsibility for your career, strengthen your influence, and much more! Further key points throughout include:

- Are you being underappreciated at work?

- The gift of feedback: Why you should seek out feedback in the workplace

- Recognising and celebrating your success

- Supporting women in work and tackling a broken system in an organisation

- Leadership traits and cultivating self-awareness

- Choosing collaboration over competition

- Get ready to put on your cloak of authority!

- Your personal brand: What are people saying about you?


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"There's a lot of this talk about supporting women to reach more senior positions and supporting women in leadership. But it's not a great idea to support women to leadership positions if they're in a situation where the system is broken, it's very male-dominated, and it's very patriarchal." – Aoife O'Brien.


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