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Celia Welch: Getting to know the person behind the famous wines
Episode 126th July 2020 • PEOPLE Behind the Places • Steven Rea
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If you’re not aware of it already, almost all of the wines termed “Cult Cabs” as well as many of the coveted wines out there are made by Consulting Winemakers. They are at the top of their field and sought after to make magic happen for the fortunate owners they choose to work with.

Celia Welch is such a winemaker, having made superb wines for high-end clients such as Staglin, Keever and more, with the most renown being Scarecrow, which is basically in a league of it’s own.

However, we not only talk wine, but get to know Celia in a way most people don't get insight to. I'm sure what you find will be enriching and inspiring so please listen and enjoy.

Find Celia's person wine label, Corra wines at: