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Talk To The Hand, Baby!
Episode 47th April 2021 • PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE • Kelly Mitchell
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S1: E2: Politico & WTF Was That | Talk To The Hand Baby!


Join us as we discuss origin stories of cancel culture and what it means to be a 90s girl in a 90s world. We will explore mastering communication and colorful phrases -- and you can take a shot for every time I drop the F bomb.

Time Stamps


[00:59-Kicking It Back to the 90s]

[05:25-Cancel That B***h]

[07:46-Don't Click The Mute Button]

[11:10-Pretty Word Practice]

[15:06-Team Bill & Ted]


Key Takeaways

*iHeart radio didn't know any better and put me on air - Mwahahaha

*The 90s were full of questionable moral fiber-now it's a party

*Lax definitions in politics; severe definitions in schools-do as I say not as I do

*Talk To The Hand is a precursor of Cancel Culture

*Drug lords are the epitome of witty banter

*Conversation is a participation sport

*Cauliflower is misgusting

*Agree to disagree

*Don't cancel me, I just got here

*Bill & Ted's words to live by

The Big Asks

Twitter: playing_da: Share me your 90s story & what got cancelled that you loved

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Toy Story (movie)

Martin (tv series)

New Jack City (movie)

Clap If You Can Hear Me (my book)

Steve Crowder Youtube - Louder with Crowder - careful, he gets cancelled a lot

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Next Time...

I will be discussing how children lack life skills and the 'Is This Safe To Eat' game for Parenting and Career Development week.