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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 81, 21st June 2021
Sharing Hard Stories With Nate Kelly of The Sobriety Diaries Podcast
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Sharing Hard Stories With Nate Kelly of The Sobriety Diaries Podcast

Did you fit in when growing up?

Today on the podcast, we have Nate Kelly, who didn’t feel accepted growing up; he had a loving family but never really found his place in a small town. 

Acceptance is an essential component for growing up, and it was this struggle to find acceptance that led Nate Down a path of alcoholism. After almost losing his life to a stroke, he was finally able to find his road to recovery with the help of the Mary Haven treatment center. 

He now takes his story, helps others find it, and shares it on his podcast and launching soon over LIVE stream on YouTube.

Key Topics:

·     Nate’s story with addiction to alcohol (1:14)

·     What was it like coming out as gay to his community (6:27)

·     Why add the media component to his story (8:38)

·     How to create engagement with the guest and the community (13:57)

·     Trusting your gut in an interview and letting it guide you through the conversation (16:45)

·     Advice to others with a passion to getting started (18:24)

·     Why is adding video something other podcasters should consider (19:23)

·     What made Mary Haven a special place to recover (23:40) 

Website link: (https://www.thesobrietydiaries.com/)

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