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Updates on Book Editing, FUEL Foundations, and more!
Episode 3018th November 2019 • LIVETHEFUEL - Health, Business, Lifestyle • Scott W. Mulvaney
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Scott Mulvaney is your host and founder of the LIVETHEFUEL Podcast Show as well as a former member of the Hotshots world. This show launched in September 2016. He’s your CEO aka Chief intrEpid Officer of the LIVETHEFUEL lifestyle brand and FUEL Marketing solutions. We\'ve also now founded the new 501c-3, FUEL Foundations as our non-profit arm to create more positive change!

Today’s podcast is a welcomed return since we\'ve taken at least 6 weeks off of airing a new show. I promised I dig deep into our non-profit projects, mostly the Hotshots book editing but also to ensure the new FUEL Foundations was getting off strong. So enjoy the updates and stay tuned for new upcoming guest cohosts to come in the following weeks!

\"You too can LIVE THE FUEL!\" - Quoted: Scott Mulvaney


Top 3 Hot Point Takeaways:

  1. Give Back
  2. Dare To Change
  3. Keep Going


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Our Mentioned Influencers:

  • Brian Strauser of The Strauser Project


You Too Can LIVETHEFUEL! @livethefuel


Timestamped Show Notes:

  • 00:30 Introduction
  • 11:24 I have got the Hotshots book that\'s going to benefit my new FUEL Foundations. I\'ve got the annual fallen firefighters workout that we do in the F13 Performance, and more. All of this is now benefiting the foundation and then obviously the foundation will be able to give back as we see fit. I now even moved our Jordan Creek Singletrack projects under that because I\'ve been paying out of my pocket forever and I still will. However, we need a foundation to build support and positive charitable growth.
  • 10:30 I\'m not taking any profit. Let\'s be real here, one thing I\'ve learned in this self-publishing school mastermind group and learn from other authors, is that you\'re not going to become rich. It\'s just a passion project to give back.
  • 20:00 My wife calls me on my shit and loves to quote Joe Rogan.
  • 23:28 As we continue to grow and succeed, you will attract the haters along with the lovers. You have got to sort through the mess, keep rolling with it, keep punching through it, and keep taking that imperfect action.
  • 28:30 Final Words


Our Final Words of the Show:

You have got to figure out your day. You have got to figure out what fires you up. Maybe you have a side hustle in you. Maybe you have a business in you that you\'ve always wanted to kind of play around with.

You know what, life is short. If you don\'t like your job, or your career, CHANGE IT! It might not happen in six months or two years, but at least you will have something going on that helps you feel free. Find that free time that fires you up. If anything, I find too many things to fire me up these days.


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