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Hip-Hop x Civics, Education & Activism with Ellect
Episode 432nd April 2021 • Hip-Hop Can Save America • The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy / Manny Faces Media
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On this episode, artist, activist and educator, Ellect gave us a taste of how his work with #HipHopIsVoting was aimed at making an impact on the 2020 election cycle as well as the future of civic engagement. As we saw from some local elections, and in a big way in Georgia, these ideas have merit, and can indeed help bring about major change.

Ellect also talks about his role as an educator, and as an artist that frequently works issues such as climate change and racial justice into his work.

Plus, fun fact: He’s related to someone you know. 

All in all, Ellect brings a ton to the table when it comes to demonstrating ways that Hip-Hop music and culture can be used to uplift humanity.

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