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Modern Dadhood with Adam Flaherty and Marc Checket
Episode 1132nd January 2023 • The Blissful Parenting Podcast • The Blissful Parent
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There’s a sea of mom’s podcasts out there, but just a handful for dads. Our dads also need support. They need a place where they can celebrate the exciting and rewarding things about having kids and about being dads. They also need a place where they can vent out their struggles and express their vulnerability.

Adam Flaherty and Marc Checket started The Modern Dadhood podcast, to set up a community where dads can have a conversation about their joy, their hardships and those insanities of being a dad in this time. Adam and Marc share with us today those knowledge and perspectives they learned by talking to dads of all walks of life. Together with Michelle, they dive into what it means to be a modern dad. 

“The fact that you're aware of it and talking about it and mindful of it, it's all going to work out,  you're not going to fail as a parent simply because you're aware of this thing. If we can elevate the conversation about fatherhood, to something that people talk about  openly and regularly with that vulnerability that we've been describing, it helps in any way to make people better fathers, better parents.” - Adam Flaherty 

About the Guest:

Adam & Marc are the hosts of Modern Dadhood Podcast.

Adam Flaherty is a dad of two daughters, a husband of one wife, a director and editor of video content, and a lover of the ocean, adventure, watermelon, and a hazy craft IPA.

Marc Checket is a dad of twin boy toddlers with an affinity for 80's movies and an insatiable lust for coffee. Marc's favorite color: cyan. He is an Art Director and Designer in the advertising industry.


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