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Two Takes and a Pod - Hosted by Osayi Okuns EPISODE 10, 10th April 2020
Col 2: We Didn't See It Coming
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Col 2: We Didn't See It Coming

πŸš¨πŸ”‡ On this episode we’re closing out COL 2 reflecting on each episode topic and guest, how we feel about those conversations in hindsight, and maybe how the impact of COVID-19 and changed the way we see things πŸ™ƒ 

Two Takes and a Pod : Collection 2

  1. 2020 Vision (No Adeboye)
  2. How Are You Mad?
  3. Outrage & Compassion
  4. Too Foreign: The Translator 
  5. Dear God, Not Another Talking Phase
  6. Mask Off
  7. Too Foreign: Black Awareness Propaganda
  8. Black Privilege
  9. Sticks and Stones
  10. Too Foreign: Identity

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