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How TRUST Builds Community & Wealth with Jeddy Azuma (OG 021)
3rd June 2022 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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“Relationships are the one currency that will never go away”

With ten plus years of experience as a Leadership and Empowerment coach, men’s work facilitator, and rites of passage guide, our guest Jeddy Azuma knows the profound impact of COMMUNITY. As the crypto space evolves, trust and integrity are becoming increasingly rare and prized. There’s far more to life than accumulating money - how can you bring more joy and abundance to you and your community? We also explore why self-worth determines your wealth, how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs intersects with crypto, and whether the future of blockchain will be local. Listen in and take ownership over your finances today!


  • [04:02] How radical community support rocked a young Jeddy’s world.
  • [08:01] Why relationships are the NUMBER ONE most valuable resource to cultivate. 
  • [14:36] How clear communication and followed through agreements build TRUST.
  • [16:40] Why money is just a tool to redirect our self-worth.
  • [19:21] How Maslow’s hierarchy of needs fits into the abundant lifestyle. 
  • [24:11] What brought Jeddy into the men’s work and leadership space?
  • [28:09] Why “One of the most powerful forces in the universe is for someone to believe their own bullsh!t”.
  • [33:04] Why using crypto like a get rich quick scheme will backfire.
  • [39:21] How community focused leaders and financial tech leaders can work together.
  • [44:53] Will the future of crypto be more small-scale localized projects?

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