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An Ideas Journal for Increasing Creativity ~ Audio Article
24th February 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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Managing Your Ideas Journal

First, accept that your ideas journal is going to be a messy place. Like a construction site in process, or a garden after tilling, “building sites” are supposed to be messy.

Ideas journals are the sketch stage of the blueprints for future projects. This is where you sketch and ideate, complete with strikeouts and scribbles, that anchor the outline of things to come, should you decide to bring them to life.

The inception of any project, is messy. Beginnings are where you splash ideas to paper like throwing paint to canvas.
~LeAura Alderson, author, entrepreneur, cofounder-iCreateDaily

Idea to Paper

Your first recording of your idea is a brain dump. This idea is going to evolve, but for now, your goal is to capture it… to anchor it… to save it for future, and, as importantly, to clear your mind of it.

Recording your idea on paper is the first step of manifestation.

So have fun and enjoy the freedom to be messy in the creative process. Don’t worry about editing while your idea is under construction. You can revisit it later, when you have the time to consider whether this is the next idea for you to develop further.

If you need help on how to decide which idea to do next we elaborate on a simple process for that in this article and video.

Keeping an ideas journal can free your mind and help you stay focused on your present projects. Consider your journal as a repository keeping this new life alive and safe until you’re ready to nurture it to life… or release it back into the ethers.

It’s the pauses… that’s where the music resides.
~Arthur Rubinstein, Polish American pianist & composer, 1887-1982

It's the pauses... that's where the music resides. ~Arthur Rubinstein, Polish American pianist & composer, 1887-1982 #lifegoals #Dreams #Motivation #BucketLists #Ideas #Quotes #Money #IWant #Happy #ThingsToDo #Inspiration #Thoughts #Travel #Adventure #Fun #Friends #Awesome #People #Families #Heavens #RoadTrips #Wanderlust #Mottos #icreatedaily