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Grandpa Jack Gets Back into CTU
Episode 11410th March 2021 • 24 Faithful Podcast • Joshua Rivers
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18 months after Day 7

Jack and Kim are in New York and Jack’s treatment is completed

Takes place about 14 years and 6 months after Day 1

Key plot:

Jack cannot get out

  • Jack is heading back to LA with Kim, Stephen and Teri
  • Victor Aruz, old contact, shows up with info on an Hassan hit but is killed when Jack tries delivering him to CTU
  • Kim convinces Jack to stay and help

Peace process

  • Islamic Republic of Kamistan President Omar Hassan is going to sign a global peace treaty with Allison Taylor 
  • Hassan has been having an affair with reporter Meredith Reed, who’s suspected of working alongside the terrorists, but is framed
  • Hassan’s brother and chief of staff Farhad is actually in on it

Attempt on Hassan’s life

  • Russian assassin Davros has a cover as a cop and gets on the United Nations security detail
  • Planted a bomb under a manhole cover on Hassan’s exit route after triggering a bomb threat within the UN
  • After the attack and Farhad’s betrayal Hassan begins arresting people who are connected to the opposition, including Minister Jamot for having a cousin who was among the detainees

Renee’s back in the game

  • Davros had traces of weapons-grade uranium-235 on him
  • Linked to a Russian gang Renee was undercover with six years before
  • She was fired from FBI for torturing Alan Wilson and is clearly in a bad state of mind
  • Ziya Dakhilov (Jon Sklaroff) is her in to Vladimir Laitanan, who leads the gang and with whom she has been violated by

Dana’s past resurfaces

  • Dana Walsh is actually Jenny Scott from Rock Springs (Arkansas) and was an accessory to murder
  • Kevin Wade was her partner (more like controller) and wants something in return for keeping her secret - a big score