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The Imperfect Pod - The Imperfect Pod EPISODE 5, 24th April 2020
Putting Lessons Into Practice | Follow Up Friday #5
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Putting Lessons Into Practice | Follow Up Friday #5

As I continue on my journey, I want to start implementing more of the practices I learn from the men I interview on a weekly basis. For this week, I had Clay Smeltzer on who talked about owning your stuff, loving your story and living with purpose. Well this week, I owned a piece of myself posting a body photo on Instagram for the first time with the caption about how I've felt insecure because of my body my entire life. It was weighing heavy on my heart to do and I had to put it into action and I did! And it wouldn't have been possible without the lessons I've learned along the way.

Follow Up Friday where I take one clip or soundbite from this week's episode and respond to it. I wanted to reflect a bit more on my recordings and thought this was the perfect way to go about doing it. It allows me to analyze what my guest said, what I said, go deeper into topics, or just be like "wow this was a horrible take, Luke". Anyways, here is the latest episode! Let me know what you think over at @theimperfectpod on IG!