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The 2000s invade the show for the first time in this all aughts battle!
1st June 2022 • Dueling Decades • Dueling Decades
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Dueling Decades returns with an all-new episode and due to popular demand, we have finally added the 2000s into the mix for the very first time here on the show! For the inaugural episode with a new decade we felt that if you are gonna go, you better go big. So we bring you our first all-2000s battle! 

The Media King of The North, Joe Findlay jumps all over the start of the decades with May of 2000. Chucky Ballzack is back with the best of May 2005 but I’m not sure if these were the picks he was looking for.  Marc James is competing with May of 2009 but will this prove to be his Judgment Day? 

Back behind the bench for this one is the beer swilling' bratwurst grillin’ host of “Bumming With Bobcat”, Bum Wine Bob!  Will Bob have some nostalgic memories of the 00s or will the new decade be full of duds, dudes? 

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