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Born To Be Wild
Episode 2013th June 2022 • Revengers: Friends From Work • Hopewell Valley Student Publication Network
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Show Name:  Revengers: Friends from Work

Episode #20: Born To Be Wild

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You are listening to Revengers: Friends from Work, the podcast with your host Christina Zelin.

In this final episode of Revengers: Friends from Work the Podcast, I will be ranking different things throughout the MCU. I’ll be doing it by ranking my top 5 for each.

Favorite Villains: 5) Hela 4)Thanos 3) Agatha 2) Winter Soldier 1) Loki (Honorable Mention: Ultron)

Favorite Heroes (In no particular order cause how could I rank them!) 5) Yelena 4) Natasha 3) Wanda 2) Thor 1) Moon Knight (Honorable Mention: Scott)

Favorite Fight Scenes: 5) Shang-Chi vs. Wenwu 4) Doctor Strange vs. Thanos 3) Thor vs. Hela (Final)  2) Final Endgame Fight 1) Cap, Natasha and Sam vs. Winter Soldier (Honorable Mention: Moon Knight/Mr. Knight vs. Harrow)

Saddest Deaths: 5) Aunt May 4) Loki 3) Vision 2) Tony 1) Natasha

Funniest Characters: 5) Thor 4) Scott 3) Steven 2) Yelena 1) Tony

Best Solo Movies: 5) Iron Man 3 4) Doctor Strange 3) Captain America: Civil War 2) Thor: Ragnarok 1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Honorable Mention Doctor Strange: MoM)

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 Song Title: Never you mind

 Artist: Dan Lebowitz

Song Title: Elevators need rock too

Artist: Spence

Song Title: A trip around the moon

Artist: Unicorn Heads

Song Title: A New Orleans Crawfish Boil

Artist: Unicorn Heads

Song Title: Bright Eyed Blues

Artist: Unicorn Heads

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