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Catch yerself on - Rosalind Skillen 11th February 2021
TikTok Phenomenon: Part 2
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TikTok Phenomenon: Part 2

Yes !! It's Part 2 of a riveting conversation on TikTok !!

Join myself and Katie Elson Anderson (Rutgers University) for a discussion on TikTok in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We consider:

  • how TikTok has been used (and/or misused) as an education tool
  • how TikTok has spread BOTH fake news and public health messages
  • how TikTok has affected the nature of story-telling

It's a CRAZY thought, but, as Katie shares, these snappy 15 second videos could provide the lens through which people will understand Covid-19 in years to come.

TikTok videos as archival footage? Wow - maybe, we should take TikTok a little more seriously...

What's next for TikTok? Share your predictions at:



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