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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 35, 17th November 2019
Passed Loved Ones: Lessons, Messages & Forgiveness

Passed Loved Ones: Lessons, Messages & Forgiveness

Get ready for an incredible ride! This week Deb and Carol talk with renowned psychic and medium, Emalani Malea.

In 2016 Emalani was named one of the top 50 psychic mediums in the US. Emalani is also an intuitive, a hypnotist, and works with Quantum Healing.

What makes Emalani unique is that she is what’s called a vibrational therapist: She is able to move energy as she reads her clients (so imagine how impactful a session with her would be!) Emalani shares tips on how to raise your own vibration.

Also in this episode, Deb and Carol talk to Emalani about how mediumship can help with forgiving loved ones who have passed over and how connecting with passed loved ones can heal your mind and body.

Emalani gave Deb and Carol readings unlike any they had received before. Tune into this week's episode to find out why!

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