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Building Optimal Radio - Jared Gossett 12th November 2019
#43: Smarter Selections with Kirsten Danielle
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#43: Smarter Selections with Kirsten Danielle

Kirsten Danielle is the owner of award-winning Alma Homes in Minnesota. In addition to being a talented builder, Kirsten has a strong brand in the industry for her designs. We talk to her about her selections program, working better with designers, and the design trends she is seeing in the market. This is the third and final episode featuring women leaders in the industry. However, I want to have a better balance of guests in the future between men and women, so if you have anyone you think would be a good guest for the show, holler!


Show Notes:

[1:50] – Kirsten’s story that led her to found Alma Homes.

[4:40] – How can builders and designers work better together?

[9:50] – What’s the best way to handle selections?

[12:45] – What Kirsten keeps in her showroom.

[14:50] – What are those small design things that add big value?

[24:20] – Kirsten’s take on the latest design trends.