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I burned the meatloaf so dad made mom quit her job. Thanksgiving with Merle Powell
28th November 2019 • Your Positive Imprint • Catherine Praiswater
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Merle Powell. Everybody Has a Story To Tell

Happy Thanksgiving!  This is a Thanksgiving Bonus episode with homemaker Merle Powell.  Merle is a resident of Kodiak, Alaska.

Merle Powell grew up as part of the Greatest Generation.  Furthermore that generation grew up knowing the depression and its difficulties.  Consequently Merle most certainly understands those difficult times.

But her memories are mostly happy.  However, one memory, an incident, built inner strength and deepened her compassion for others.

“I just dissolved into tears because it was a failure and that was the wrong thing to have done.”  (This incident was over a burned meatloaf.)

Following this incident in high school Merle was guilt ridden.  But it caused her to deepen her convictions of making sacrifices for others.

Merle was married to the late Guy Powell, a well known king crab researcher.  They were foster parents.   In addition to fostering children they were involved in every aspect of their community on Kodiak Island.  As a result, both Merle and Guy leave a legacy of positive imprints.

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