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Home Run On Wheels - Home Run On Wheels EPISODE 87, 10th September 2019
Everyone Loves The Floyds
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Everyone Loves The Floyds

Randall and Gwen Floyd came out to the Home Run On Wheels RV in the St. Louis area to discuss their life as full-time RVers with their four children.

The Floyds have their own YouTube channel, “Everyone Loves The Floyds” – which is also their Instagram account, and Gwen has written an RV lifestyle book called Roaming Wide, Living Free.

They are also parents of Ray, a 7-year-old boy they adopted as an infant through the foster care system. The sun was bright when Gwen took our group selfie.

After spending an afternoon with the Floyds in St. Louis, we do love the Floyds.