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Watch. Looks like a Strong finish... Yes, you can! | Ep 17
7th July 2021 • Victory in Mind • Waceke Wambaa
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We are already into the second half of 2021, phew! When did THAT happen? And that the rescheduled 2020 Olympic games are just around the corner. Yes, we can see the finish line. In all this, the one thing we can count on is that a strong finish is what matters, both to that athlete that has poured their all into their training to get them to this moment in time, and to you… that the rest of your year will see you energized with the fire to have a strong finish! You can do this, yes you can!


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[00:01:06] Introduction to the show 

[00:01:32] Let’s set the stage for where reality is at for all of us right now at the past half way point of 2021. Setting the stage for our personal and global connection with the Olympic games. 

[00:02:35] A little trivia always helps (plus an answer was given in the preceding comments!:) 

[00:04:09] So why make the argument of the Olympics, Olympiad and the connection with you and I? 

[00:04:57] The athlete’s reality. 

[00:06:35] It boils down to having a strong finish. 

[00:06:58] Some truths about what it takes to step into the 2021 Olympics and how that connects to the fact that you and I, we’re not any different. 

[00:08:21] So circling back to setting the stage for 2021, where do we stand at our goals for the rest of the year? 

[00:08:55] Today’s podcast is a charge. What is this charge…. [00:09:22] Strong finish!

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[00:00:32] Are you concerned about your future, the state of the world and how to best navigate the options or lack thereof that life's throwing your way? Well, welcome to Victory in Mind, the podcast that focuses on practical strategies and solutions in living out our created potential. Together, our tribe will motivate, activate, educate, engage, challenge and inspire us all towards our created potential. You have a [00:01:00] future. You have a hope. So don't give up.


[00:01:32] First of all, if you're like me, can you fathom that we're actually already in the second half of 2021? Guys, I'm still like scratching my head that half of the total time allotted to us for 2021 has come and gone and we can never retrieve that time again. And while I was thinking about that, I was also thinking about the fact that [00:02:00] with all of this comes the four year extravaganza. Well, five years this time around, thanks to Covid. And this extravaganza that I'm referencing to is the Olympics and it's right around the corner. I would call it the Olympiad but apparently that word is usually reserved for the four year time interval or time span between each Olympic games. Uh, I guess we don't qualify this time around.


[00:03:06] So number two, if number one is the case, then when did that first modern Olympiad begin??? Any takers? It was January 1st, 1896. That was the first Olympiad. So for example, when you hear it's the 11th Olympiad. That was the 1936 Olympics where Jesse Owens showed up and show out.


[00:04:09] Okay, so now that we've exercised our neurons a wee bit, getting back to the conversation at hand, we know that the Tokyo Olympic games, which is actually the 32nd Olympiad, are right around the corner and athletes are having to reboot their four year training plans to add an extra year because of the pandemic that just happened, right?

When you consider the fact that athletes and the supporting staff have training down to a science. They likely were training and had trained with a strategic plan laid out for their optimal peak performance initially for the Olympics that were to occur last year, but this didn't happen.


[00:05:30] The sacrifice was very real for so many in ways that we might imagine and in other ways we might find difficult to comprehend or even think about. Yet these athletes had and have a goal that they have pressed into, whose culmination is right around the corner in the Olympic sporting spectacle that's scheduled in [00:06:00] about two weeks time in Tokyo, Japan.


That regardless of the start of a race or the start of a plan of action, a desire or a goal, or even the effort in making oneself ready for the task at hand, what it will ultimately boil down to is that strong finish, to make it to the end.


[00:07:30] And so we stand on the sidelines. We marvel at the tenacity of the athletes' effort. We often think that it must take a special kind of human to get to that point in their effort, in their commitment to succeed on such an elite level.


[00:08:21] And so, I circled back to that thought that we're now past the halfway point of 2021. What goals did you loosely or concretely set out for yourself this year? What have you been able to achieve or not achieve? Or maybe there were extenuating circumstances that had you stuttering at the start of it all, or maybe you and I are not yet even past 'go'.


[00:09:22] You can do this. Don't stop. Don't quit... your victory is just around the corner.... STRONG FINISH!


[00:10:02] You can go to our website, for show notes as well as links to download and subscribe. We are looking for people to live out their full potential. Come, join the tribe! Remember you have a future. You have a hope.