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333 : Gaye Lisby – To be a good seller on Amazon you have to master buying the right stuff
27th August 2018 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Sounds kind of simple. Buy right and you can sell well. Easy peasey? Well not so. See after time you can rationalize every great price, everything starts to look good when times are good, what happens when things get slow? What happens when others come on the listings and they are will to make less or worse yet they bought it better than you did. Well Gaye will help you understand what “Good buying” looks like. It pays to be disciplined, to be patient and willing to make the right deal for the right price for the right items.



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Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)

Gaye:                                    [00:00:00]               Year of amazon selling, I made what I, I profited, put into my pocket, profited more than I would have made in 10 years of teaching.

Cool voice guy:                  [00:00:15]               Welcome to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast, focused on the people, the products, and the process of income are selling today. Here’s your host. Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             [00:00:29]               Yeah, this is going to be a good episode. Hey, just wanted to jump in with a couple of things. There’s a couple notes about some things going on with Andy and myself at our warehouse. Some opportunities to work with us. I’m going to get them in a second. But first up, man up, I’ve kind of mentioned something. I hope you’ve saw this. Um, one of my sponsors, seller labs was recently honored as one of the top companies, the top fastest growing companies in the United States. And they looked at the top 5,000 and these guys didn’t make, you know, number 4,000 or 3000 or 2000 or 1000 or 800, 500. Now they made the 148, I think it was. I mean, just imagine that what’s it take to be number 148 out of 5,000 that were recognized and you know, it’s just an honor to be recognized, know to be 148.

Stephen:                             [00:01:19]               It’s a big deal and you know, I know, yes, they pay me and all that kind of jazz, but again, you hear me talk about consistency over time and when you see a company that’s doing these kinds of things, it takes really strong leadership. When you, when you hire services that we all pay for service, I’ve got a lot of them and when I recommend a these companies that I recommend, it’s because I use their services right over time. What I love is this is you go to an event and there’s jeff or tyler, one of them are always our ed are always at the event because you can go and give them feedback, right? Feedback. Genius gets better because you give them feedback and they help improve the product. They’re always at every event and they’re willing to talk with you. They’re there to talk to you.

Stephen:                             [00:02:01]               How many companies do that? You know, it’s easy to, I get these companies all the time, hey, you know, would you let me promote, I got one right now, would you let me promote and will want to sponsor it and assent, mom, no, I don’t know you, I’m sorry. And your new then maybe you do have the best company. But again, I’m looking at over time and again for seller labs to be recognized across the country and that just to make the list of 5,000, it’s a huge deal. But to be on number 148, that’s a really big deal. So, you know, Jeff Cohen, a Brendan check hurts, um, and um, uh, hank, sorry guys, it’s just so exciting for me. The leadership that you guys have put together for this company, um, it’s phenomenal. And it just said something about you. So I 100 percent salute you.

Stephen:                             [00:02:44]               So I just don’t want to miss that. That is such a big deal. Um, that’s why I think he should be with sellerlabs. Look at all the product scope, right? Ignite, take a look at a feedback genius. All those products that they have, right, they’re doing advertising, all that stuff is there to you, but again, they’re going to be there next year and I think that’s the thing. You want to remember how many companies have we seen come in and go out because they moved onto the next thing, cryptocurrency and all the rest of the, you know, and I don’t fault him, but that’s not the kind of company you want to be with. You want to be with a company that’s going to be here for the long haul that’s going to help build that brand that we’re all trying to build and then help you take it to the next level.

Stephen:                             [00:03:19]               So, so our labs, well done. I applaud you. Very, very cool. Um, another big one with one of my sponsors is Gaye Lisbey’s group. You’ve heard me talk about it’s q four is coming up, all that kind of stuff. But what’s very cool is she’s now given me a special two week free trial were the only ones who have it. You get a free trial if you’re interested in a sourcing group, daily product find. And I’m going to have an announcement in the next week or two with a special bonus thing that you get if you join, but try sign up for two weeks, try it, and then sit back and say, is my business petro off? Am I in a better position for q four? And my theory is this, have a strong q four to get the cashflow so you can build next year’s business. You should be building next year’s business.

Stephen:                             [00:04:03]               How are you going to do that? You need the money. Use this as an opportunity. I just think it’s phenomenal. So it’s you go to amazing, forward slash momentum, hyphen arbitrage. Yes. It’s a mouthful. Amazing, forward slash momentum, hyphen arbitrage. And you get that two weeks free. It’s phenomenal. And last but not least, I don’t want to Miss Karen Locker solution for ECOMMERCE. She’s doing listings for me this week for all these new private label products we have going up. And it’s unbelievable. You know, I just send them to her with some information and boom, they do it, they test it. Now here’s a better example. There was a listing, it’s a wholesale account that we have and um, I said, hey, could you get these four or five photos added on now? I didn’t deal with Karen. I deal with some of our team members, which I have my own, you know, assigned person for my team, which is phenomenal.

Stephen:                             [00:04:55]               And she was like, Hey Steve, I’m having trouble. I’m waiting for them to link or whatever. She followed through and then eventually she said, oh, state, go take a look. They’re up. That kind of service is what I’m looking for and that’s what I get from Karen’s lockers team. It’s solutions four ecommerce solutions, four ecommerce, a forward slash momentum and you’re going to save 50 bucks and which is great and it’s 50 bucks every month from there on out. Okay. And so consider that, and if you have any questions, whatever message me or message Karen, but solutions the number for ecommerce forward slash momentum. And Man, I just love, love, love the service. So back to andy and myself. So what we’re doing at the warehouse, we have a couple things going on. So we have, we have our fifth client coming to board now. We’re not a fulfillment company, we’re not in that world, we just have some storage space and some relatively lower cost.

Stephen:                             [00:05:45]               And the good news is we’re only an hour from avp so if you send a lot of material, the APP, it’s very convenient here because it’ll check in usually that day or the next day, but we have a loading dock so we can hinder pallets and we ship out by the pilot. That’s the way we prefer to do it. Um, but we have a couple openings if you’re interested in working with us. We’re not interested in doing any ra or away, but just be, can we just not, we don’t live at that warehouse, right? Um, but we can work especially for pallets, containers and stuff like that. And we have a couple of wholesale clients but mostly private label. If you’re interested in joining us, you want to message Andy, Andy Salmon’s a private, message him on facebook and start the conversation and that eventually we’ll get into it if you’re interested in that.

Stephen:                             [00:06:28]               Second thing we’re doing is we are actually going to hold the summit, we’re gonna hold a summit in September 22nd, I believe the date is, and he’s going to talk more about that, but if you’ve been interested in finding out what it takes to run a successful full time or part time, I mean, I’m part time so I’m, I’m pretty good example of part time. But uh, how about an Ra business doing over 3 million? I think it is. 10 Wentworth is joining us for this summit and Andy’s going to be bringing in his private label, his wholesale and is already. Remember Andy used to do Ra and we’re going to bring this whole thing into a conversation. Very, very limited group. I’m not very large, but it’s a workshop type of deal. It’s in our warehouse. We’re actually going to let you see behind the curtains. Um, who else is willing to do that? So if you’re interested in that message and about summit, you want to get on that list and find out some more information. He’s going to be talking about it over the next few weeks, but I just wanted to get that there. Now let’s really get into the podcast.

New Speaker:                   [00:07:29]               Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. This is episode three, three, three, [3:33]. Love that sound Gaye Lisby. Yes. I brought gay back and in Hawaii because q four is coming and so I’m going to pitch you a. He probably heard some of the intro commercials coming in. I’m going to pitch you on joining gaze group and I’m very proud of the people that I brought to gage group that are still with Gaye, um, because they see the benefits. They’ve seen what a, going to a place where there’s a teacher who really is invested in your future, what they can bring for you. So, um, it is a pitch, but what’s very cool to me is they give me an exclusive thing where you can get two weeks free, two weeks free. Okay? Free trial, no strings attached. You can cancel after the two weeks.

New Speaker:                   [00:08:16]               And I think you ought to try because you’re going to sit back and say, Whoa, I can learn this. One of the cool things we get to in this discussion, and I think it’s very, very powerful for you to hear. It’s a part of the fear that you all have about getting your account shut down when you sell ra or away and it’s real. I get it. I understand that there are challenges to that I’m just seller to right. But there are things, you can do, insurances, you can kind of put in place, no guarantees, but you can mitigate your risk, right? That’s one of the things we used to do in risk management was mitigate the risks. You can’t prevent everything, but you can prevent some things. And so they have a great program and it’s all laid out for you. Again, that’s what you get when you go into a teaching environment is like, okay, let’s see you challenge, let’s break it down, let’s come up with a process, standard operating procedures.

New Speaker:                   [00:08:59]               Let’s come up with the process. Stay consistent in your process. So it is a pitch. Um, and uh, I appreciate you listening to it. I’m very proud of the connection I have with Andy and Lee, Ron and nate and gay and that whole group. I’m very, very proud of it because again, I looked for consistency overtime for three years. I look for consistency over time, so let’s get into the episode, but make sure you pay attention to that, uh, information about, uh, receipts and stuff like that. That’s powerful stuff that if you don’t have in your business, please put into your business immediately. Let’s get into the podcast. Alright, welcome back to the ECOMMERCE movement podcast. We’re excited about today’s guest are returning guests a year older because last time this podcast episode came out on her birthday. We’re not going to make that happen because you’re not getting any older. Are you gay, Gay, lesbian?

Gaye:                                    [00:09:49]               No, I’m not getting older. I’m just getting stronger.

New Speaker:                   [00:09:54]               Think about that. Now, think about that. We’re probably close in age. Yeah. I had somebody on and they said something, I guess it was a couple of weeks ago, and he said something that was very, very cool. I’m like, how did you take this risk? He said, you know, I realized that there were three opportunities to make money in your life. Right? When you’re young, before family, right. You can take chances. Then the second chances when you’re married or you have a partner, whatever, and you have two incomes, so it really gives you the ability to have a good place or then when the kids are gone and you have less responsibility, it gives you another chance. I thought about that. I would argue and see if you would agree with me because we’re a little older or at least I’m older than you, but I mean realistically I see nothing but like every year for the next 20 or 30 years because of the Internet and because of ecommerce opportunities. Would you agree with that?

Gaye:                                    [00:10:46]               Oh, absolutely. It absolutely. If I, if I had known even 10 years ago, 15 years ago when I was kind of finishing off my kids, getting a men in college and through college and whatever like that, if I had known then what I know now and especially about how powerful the Amazon platform is, I would have done a lot of things differently. I really would have.

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