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433 – Product Review: Summit Joint Performance Brings Fast Results
5th October 2020 • Pure Dog Talk • Laura Reeves
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Product Review: Summit Joint Performance Brings Fast Results

Host Laura Reeves visits with Dorian Farmer and Rhonda Arza talk about Summit Joint Performance. This is a chondroitin product, used for years in Olympic horse circles, but now available for dogs and, hopefully, humans in the near future.

“This particular product was actually made to go into eyes, human eyes, during corneal lens transplant surgeries as an anti-inflammatory,” Summit Joint Performance founder Farmer said.

From the Summit Joint Performance website:

What is Summit?

  1. Summit is simply chondroitin 4 sulfate (C4S), suspended in sterile water. Summit was originally developed to use in human ocular lens transplant surgeries. Summit is the purest form of C4S available. Unlike other products, it has had all heparins and other potentially damaging molecules removed from the single C4S molecule. Summit is an all-natural product, not a synthetic created in the lab, nor polysulfated. Summit has an incredibly low molecular weight, and its small size allows it to penetrate barriers in the body, like joint capsules, much easier than other products. A large percentage of the molecules that make up tissues in the joints is C4S. Replenishing these structures with nature’s version of this important molecule, instead of synthetic lab creations that are over 100x the molecular weight, is of great benefit.

[caption id="attachment_8363" align="alignleft" width="300"] Dorian Farmer and the SJP team.[/caption]

Farmer’s story of testing Summit on his personal “guinea pig” animals is inspiring.

“We injected Ultra on a Wednesday evening. At that point in time she couldn't get up off the ground. By Thursday morning when we woke up, she was standing in our bedroom wagging her tail looking at me. She had got up off the ground by herself, into the bedroom and was waking us up. She could walk around the house. She could sit down. She could lay down and she could get back up. That was within 12 hours. By the following day she was trotting around the house and actually playing with me.

“(A couple days later I got a video of) Ultra chasing the golf cart at a dead run from the back pasture to the front pasture. It's about 900 yards from one to the other. She lived for another year pain free because of it. That truly was the point where I knew that we had something that was incredible. She had been on all the pain relievers and all the other arthritic medication and everything else and nothing was touching it. One shot of this new product and saved her life. I mean, we were going to euthanize her….”

[caption id="attachment_8362" align="alignright" width="300"] Rhonda Arza, SJP Vice President[/caption]

Arza, Summit Joint Performance Vice President, shared her similar experience.

“I was a horse trainer for 28 years and one of the things that I knew was that I didn't want to be a horse trainer for 29 years. So, I needed an exit strategy. Summit last November became a direct sales company. I had experience in the field, so I knew that direct sales was a way to make significant income and create an exit strategy not only for myself, but for other trainers who were looking to retire, get out, whatever they needed to do.

“When this came along, because of the level of sponsored riders that this company already had in place, like people were putting it in their $10,000,000 Olympic level horses, we had guys like McLain Ward (using the product), I knew that we had a product that was definitely something that I could talk about.

“I put it into my 20-year-old jumper and he just turned right around and acted like he was ten. I wanted to get into the dog space because we have performance dogs. My husband shows in rally and obedience and we have Australian Shepherds. Knowing that it was going to be turning over to oral (versus intramuscular injection) was going to open up the whole planet for us. Not only dog show people, but pet owners and people who have older cats and things like that.

“This is going to not only change the lives of so many pets, it's going to change the lives of so many humans. Especially during this time frame where we're not going to as many horse shows, we're not going to as many dog shows, we’re in a little bit of a financial pickle. This is the answer to people's prayers.”

“We all take glucosamine chondroitin supplements that we get in the grocery store,” Farmer noted. “They say ‘in six months you should start to see some results.’ I don't do anything for six days if I don't see results. I am a very instant gratification, transactional kind of guy. I'm going to do this, I expect to see results. That was what we saw with this. I didn't have to wait six weeks or a month or two weeks, we saw results the next day.”



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