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ignite physio - Andrew Koppejan EPISODE 45, 6th March 2019
045-Why Our Clinical Growth Requires Us to Lean into Discomfort
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045-Why Our Clinical Growth Requires Us to Lean into Discomfort

In this episode, hosts Andrew and Maxi are back in the lounge for an ad-lib discussion about the topic of vulnerability and leadership for physiotherapists.

Andrew's conversations with both new and seasoned clinicians has revealed a common sentiment of not wanting to feel "yucky” in patient interactions. This is especially true for clinicians that are new to practice, with feeling overwhelmed and pressured to have extensive knowledge. But it's also why seasoned clinicians often get caught in a rut that's within their comfort zone. 

Some of the key topics discussed include:

  • The review of Brene Brown’s book “Dare to Lead” about vulnerability in leadership and leaning in to discomfort, as an analogy for clinicians. 
  • Growth and adapting versus being too comfortable, and how to stay in the mode of growth.
  • Finding the balance between safe practice and taking risks, and returning back to core principles and values when feeling vulnerable. 
  • Examples of how to hold therapeutic and grounded presence when feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable with a patient, and how to develop trust in the therapeutic relationship.
  • Allowing space in a patient caseload to slow things down a bit, and giving yourself enough space to practice out of the comfort zone.
  • When it’s not a good time to apply a new technique and put yourself in a vulnerable position.
  • Maxi's review of deeper reflection practices and moving it into action, and Andrew's example of how therapeutic presence impacts the quality of treatment. 
  • How setting the intention to work on one simple thing and incremental change can add up over time to make a big difference.

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