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Episode 16: Scott Leese Breathes Belief Into All
Episode 166th July 2021 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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We talk value judgments, misinterpretations, and shared birthdays.

We talk about Scott's VP Sales feeder program machine, and how it relates to my own career decisions in real-time. 

We talk Scott's new book: More Than a Number which is an absolute must-read!

We talk all things sales leadership v. sales boss and the tech filter bubble. 

We talk maintaining the faith in the face of negative experiences. 

We talk learning through how relationships and change go hand-in-hand.

We talk neuroplasticity and our capacity to change in an instant. 

We talk about the importance of intent. 

We talk about the myth that is talent is a scarce thing. 

We talk about misaligned reward structures that impede human development. 

We talk about the Matrix!!

We talk effort, patience, care, and concern that is in short supply with sales bosses bc they're run ragged internally. 

We talk society, culture, and selfishness that is the American experience.

We talk flaws in most sales manager comp plans that incentivize.

We talk about catch 22 that is "you don't have enough experience." 

Really though, we talk human. 

Resources mentioned: 

For more on Scott Leese, check him out on LinkedIn, Thursday Night Sales, Surf & Sales, Tequilla Tuesday, and or Little Scotty's Sales Club over at Patreon. 

And for god's sake, buy the new damn book, More Than a Number: The Modern VP Sales Playbook

Interested in joining the conversation? Hit up the voicemail at 646-470-0248. And or text "REAL" to come play on the Hotline. 

Truth, love, and joy, friends. 

Happy selling!