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Treating Nerve Injuries with Dr. Alan Tillotson
Episode 620th January 2020 • Back Talk Doc • Sanjiv Lakhia - Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates
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One of the toughest conditions to treat is nerve injuries, particularly when it’s related to spinal conditions such as sciatic nerve injury. There are a lot of options for treatment when it comes to these conditions, which often involve a lot of pain relief medications, for instance. However, there is growing evidence on the effectiveness of the inclusion of herbal and alternative medicine and systems in treatment plans for patients suffering nerve damage. And a growing number of doctors are considering these types of products too.

This episode of Back Talk Doc features Dr. Alan Tillotson, a registered herbalist and natural medicine specialist, with an expertise in Western and Oriental herbal medicine for over 30 years. He gives insight into the causes of nerve injury, which not only include poor lifestyle choices but exposure to harmful chemicals, trauma and hereditary factors. He also reveals how inflammation of the connective tissues in the nerve system and poor circulation leads to damage in the nerves.

The body has its own healing process and many times, we are prohibiting it by using medicine, like many pain killing medications that only provides temporary relief. He suggests using substances that contain specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) which can provide better pain management without the side effects that most traditional opioids in the market have.

For Dr. Tillotson, treating nerve injuries need to involve a more holistic approach – reduce the inflammation, improve the body’s internal circulation of nutrients and remove harmful toxins. And you can adopt certain practices outside traditional Western medicine, like yoga or meditation, to help supplement the healing process.

Key moments in the episode

  • Basics of nerve anatomy 09:08
  • Health risk factors for nerve dysfunction 13:37
  • Differences of treatment in acute and chronic nerve injuries 14:45
  • Importance of guidance from a professional clinician before starting on alternative treatments 17:51
  • Sample treatment models 19:10
  • Problematic area in healing injuries 20:32
  • What are specialized pro-resolving mediators 22:31
  • The problem with pain relief 34:12
  • The goal of inflammation treatment 35:55
  • Diet and food plan for healing nerve injury 40:12

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